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Kaizen Supplies & Technology Co. established by group of unique and highly professional expert partners in the fields of nuclear medicine and radiation protection.

Kaizen Co. possess a number of well qualified staff members including engineers, technicians, and workers who are specialized of nuclear medicine (diagnostic and therapy), supported with solid base in financial & technical capabilities and strong relation with MOH, governmental & private hospitals and central medical supplies fund entities

Our company deals in various product ranges from medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals required in nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures, treatments, and research

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The main strategic goal of KAIZEN is to become one of the most efficient, reliable Energy services, Solution for nuclear medicine by implement new and up to date technologies providing company in Sudan


Range Of Products

Nuclear Medicine

Kaizen is specialist supplier of radiation detection equipment for the Nuclear, Medical, Security, Defence, Industrial & Research sectors.

Scientific equipment

Import the Medical Devices and Mining Services

NDT (Nondestructive testing

The Kaizen range of Non Destructive Testing Equipment, Accessories and Consumables


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Gaining up-to-date knowledge with the goal of constant professional development, and the ability to implement it in an actual real world

Our Clients

Readiness to participate in multifunctional groups and projects, to help meet the customer needs and expectations

Our Clients

Finding and suggesting new solutions both in the working environment, and in the sphere of customer interests


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Arkaweet Block No. 65 Building No. 393/17 Third Flour – office No. 5 Khartoum-Sudan

Phone: (249) 917940662 - (249) 123406620